Benefits of using TeeBOX

Benefits of using TeeBOX

Jul 26, 2021

Golf outings can be stressful, time consuming, and difficult to manage. TEEBOX can help!  TEEBOX curates golf outing/tournament gifts that are meaningful and memorable.

TEEBOX will benefit your outing by attracting and amplifying sponsors, managing your tee gifts and increasing the fun factor!  This will make your outing less stressful and more enjoyable.

Attract & Amplify Sponsors

TEEBOX attracts sponsors with new Sponsor Packages, allowing sponsors the ability to promote themselves in multiple ways:

  1. INBOX Promotion.  Thank your sponsors with INBOX promotional items.
  2. ONBOX promotion - Highlight your sponsors on your printed TEEBOX
  3. Custom TEEBOX -- Major sponsors can have their own printed TEEBOX

Too read more about how TeeBOX attracts more sponsors: click here

Relieve Outing Stress

TEEBOX relieves your outing manager stress in multiple ways. TEEBOX eliminates the stress of finding outing gifts and creating gift bags. With TEEBOX, outing volunteers don’t need to worry about spending hours putting together a tee gift. Instead they focused on getting more sponsors, ensuring the event ran smoothly, and making sure everyone had a blast.

TEEBOX finds unique, fun and logo gifts to help make your outing special.

Increase Fun Factor

TEEBOX increases the fun factor at all golf outings with engaging golf gifts that are fun and memorable.  Our boxes are all sealed with different silly dad jokes that are guaranteed to put a smile on your customers face and get them talking! 

Using TEEBOX can benefit your outing in many ways!   Check out more on our  our collection page or contact us and our Golfer Goodie Experts will help you curate and customize your TEEBOX.