Gibby Open Uses TeeBOX to Make Outing Memorable

Gibby Open Uses TeeBOX to Make Outing Memorable

Jun 23, 2021


Gibby Open Uses TeeBOX to Make Outing Memorable

Overall the Gibby Open Golf Outing was a massive success. The Gibby open raised money for their football program and they also had an amazing day of golf in perfect weather.

TeeBOX received an tremendous amount of compliments from volunteers and customers of the event. The customers were thrilled to receive a tee gift that had all the essentials for golf outings. One golfer exclaimed, 

“My TeeBOX had all the essentials I needed for my outing.  Snacks, water, tees, balls, towels and more.  I was well equipped to play!”

Not only did the golfers receive the essentials for a great game of golf, but they also received a tee gift that made them feel special,

When I opened the TeeBOX, I was so impressed.  The presentation was excellent.  I felt like I was at a first-class outing.  The items in the box were top quality.” 

The golfers weren’t the only ones happy with their gift, the volunteers that set up the outing  were thrilled with TeeBOX. TeeBOX helped eliminate stress, free up time, and helped the event run smoothly. One volunteer shared 

“As volunteers, we used to spend 2-3 nights before the outing packing goodie bags.  This saved us so much time.  We could concentrate on making the outing go well and not packing bags.”

With help from the TeeBOX, they didn’t need to worry about spending hours putting together a tee gift. Instead they focused on getting more sponsors, ensuring the event ran smoothly, and making sure everyone had a blast.