How TeeBOX attracts outing sponsors

How TeeBOX attracts outing sponsors

Jul 09, 2021

Sponsorships are one of the most important parts of running a profitable golf outing. Without sponsorships, most outings would fail. Although sponsorships are critical in running a profitable golf outing, they are often hard to obtain. Fortunately, using TEEBOX can attract multiple sponsors resulting in a more successful outing. TEEBOXes are a great way to help amplify your sponsorships and sponsors.

TEEBOX can attract sponsors in multiple ways.

  1. TEEBOX can attract sponsors by giving sponsors more opportunities to assist your outing
  • Standard TEEBOX Sponsor Donation & Recognition. Your sponsors can donate to provide standard Outing Essential TEEBOXes for all golfers. You can select which standard curated TEEBOX best fits your outing and ask your sponsors to donate, whether that’s a $30/TEEBOX/Golfer or a  75/TEEBOX/Golfer. Your sponsor will be recognized INBOX on the Sponsor postcard.
  • Custom Logo Event or Sponsor Box. You may logo the TEEBOX with your event LOGO, or a major sponsor LOGO. In addition, you can include and recognize your sponsors On-box with a thank you. This option is $1.50 additional/box with a $50 setup fee. Requires a minimum order of 25 boxes. Your sponsor will be recognized INBOX on the sponsor card and ONBOX with their logo. 
  • Custom Printed TEEBOX. You may also create a custom design just for your organization or event. We will help you design a beautiful box that will make your event fun and memorable! This option is $150 for custom design & setup and an additional $2.00/box. Your major sponsor or your event will be featured ONBOX, front and center, as well as INBOX with the sponsor card. We can provide themed boxes or other engaging box designs.

  1. TEEBOX also attracts sponsors through Sponsor Packages

We recommend that you create sponsor packages for your TEEBOX opportunities in order to maximize your fundraising and promote your sponsors.  For example:

  • Standard TEEBOX Sponsorship packages. Sponsor all, or a portion of your TEEBOX/Golfer cost. For example if your box is $30, then ask your sponsors to donate all or a percentage of the TEEBOX costs. You can set up a major sponsor and/or minor sponsor packages for your standard TEEBOXes. Your sponsor will receive INBOX promotional recognition.
  • Major LOGO Event Sponsor. For a LOGO TEEBOX, you can add a Major LOGO Event Sponsor package to cover the cost to custom LOGO your box.  Your sponsor will receive major LOGO recognition both ONBOX and INBOX. For 100 golfers, this only adds about $200 cost to your TEEBOXes, but your sponsor package could be for $500 or more.
  • Highlighted Event Sponsor. For a Custom TEEBOX, you can add a Featured or Highlighted Event Sponsor package. This would increase your TEEBOX costs by about $400 for 100 golfers and you could add a sponsor package for $500-1000 or more.

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