How to reach more golf outing sponsors

How to reach more golf outing sponsors

Jun 01, 2021

How to reach more golf outing sponsors

Golf outings are an outstanding way to raise money for a company, a charity, or an organization. There are typically a couple ways that outings generate a profit. Sponsorships, entry fees, raffles, and some sort of auction or silent auction.

Although there may be a couple ways golf outings generate revenue, sponsorships are by far the top profit producing source for your event. Sponsorships could determine whether your event is profitable or not. Not only do sponsors tremendously benefit golf outings, but sponsors can benefit just as much. 

Some common benefits that golf outing sponsorships receive include

  • Inclusion in promotional material
    • You must include promotion material for sponsors. An example of this could be on t-shirts, golf balls, or in tee gifts

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  • Exposure at tournaments
    • Sponsorships receive massive amounts of exposure from outings, resulting in more potential clients and overall more brand recognition 
  • Other general benefits
    • Increased exposure in the community
    • Tax deductions 
    • Opportunities for team building and employee development 

With that being said, here are some simple ways to retain and reach more sponsors.

An organized approach while working with sponsorships will ensure more sponsors. Follow these guidelines below to determine and help reach fundraising goals.

Organized approach to potential golf sponsors

  1. What are your goals and how does the sponsorship fit these goals
  2. Create sponsorship levels to allow businesses to contribute at any level
  3. Determine what you will provide in exchange for sponsorships

You also must work with potential sponsorships. Instead of offering an incentive to sponsors that they may not like, sit down with sponsors and work with them and figure out exactly what they want and what will fit their budget. This will ensure more sponsorships and will keep both parties happy.

Be creative in your approach

To get more sponsorships, you  must be creative in your approach. Examples of this include 

  • Encourage sponsors to sponsor holes and have side games that tie in your sponsors
  • Golf tournament contests can provide extra revenue for your tournament. Make them fun, by allowing a sponsor to take part

    The possibilities are endless and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.